Web Accessibility and Design

Develops understanding of principles of universal web design. Students apply this understanding by designing and developing accessible web site using web authoring tools.

Project Management

Explores project management principles and applications used to manage, plan, and track large-scale, complex instructional design projects.

Social Media/Digital Applications & Web Conferencing

Provides basic knowledge of the range of capabilities of available social networking, teleconferencing, and collaboration applications. Students learn to integrate the latest information and communication technologies into the creation of instructional products.

Educational Research in Technology

Focuses on developing skills, insights, and understanding basics to performing research with emphasis on interpretation, application, critique, and use of findings in educational settings. Students develop expertise in action research methodology, design, and implementation.

Instructional Design and Development Portfolio

Enables students to create and publish electronic portfolio that demonstrates effective and meaningful integration and syntheses of instructional design and development concepts, principles, and competencies learned across program courses at mid-degree program point.

Instructional Technology Foundations & Theories of Learning

Reviews practical and pedagogical issues related to design and development of technological instruction. Emphasizes investigating instructional design as a field and community of practice, and reviewing core learning theory constructs applicable to design of instructional technology.

Instructional Design

Helps students analyze, apply, and evaluate principles of instructional design to develop education and training materials spanning a wide range of knowledge domains and instructional technologies. Focuses on variety of instructional design models, with emphasis on recent contributions from cognitive science and related fields.

Advanced Instructional Design

Capstone course of three-course sequence on theory and practice of instructional design. Helps students apply ideas developed in prior courses to complete major instructional design project. Covers leading-edge ideas in evolution of instructional design.

Analysis/Design Technology-Based Learning Environments

Continue to stay engaged with the most up to date learning technologies

Solve instructional problems and opportunities through the innovative use of learning technologies

Keep learning - from coworkers, supervisors, seminars, and informal learning opportunities

Develop sound analytical, design, and development skills that will allow me create a wholistic instructional design skill set

Virtual Worlds, Augmented Reality, and Gaming Applications

Enables design, implementation, and evaluation of technology-based education and training materials using advanced computer-based authoring tools.